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Helium gas is the only gas that can be safely used for flying your Giant balloon or Blimp because it is non-flammable and lighter than air.
Filling Giant Advertising Balloons with Helium allows them to float up in the sky.

Helium Gas is available from most gas outlets. Afrox sell a product called Party gas number 4; it is less expensive than Pure Helium used for cooling processes in specialized instrumentation and machinery.

Helium cylinders are heavy so it is best to have your gas supplier deliver the helium to your site.

Most gas company’s charge a monthly rental on the cylinder so check how much they charge as leaving empty cylinders on site can be costly.

Read your instructions supplied with your giant Blimp or Advertising balloon – Before you start filling it with Helium and make sure you understand the flying limitations of your balloon.

Contact us for your nearest Gas dealer and get a discount on the Helium!

Helium required for 4,7m Blimp & 2,5m Round Advertising Balloon.

One Helium Gas Cylinder will cost +- R2500.00 and will fly the 4,7m Blimp or 2,5m Balloon for up to seven days, after that you will need to top your Giant Balloon up and will use one Cylinder over a duration of 4-6 weeks.

Average Flying Cost is +- R70.00 per day!


Never inhale helium to make your voice sound funny as helium gas is an asphyxiant and can cause unconsciousness or death by suffocation (asphyxiation).

Do not use Hydrogen or any other gas which can explode.

Contact us if you are unsure about the gas you are going to purchase.