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Helium gas is the only gas that can be safely used in filiing your Giant balloon as it is non flammable.


Helium gas is lighter than air and this causes the balloon to fly.


Helium gas is available from most gas outlets.


Helium cylinders are heavy so it is best to have your gas supplier deliver the helium to your site.


Most gas supply company's charge a monthly rental on the cylinder – be sure to check how much they charge as leaving empty cylinders on site can be costly.


One cylinder will cost +- R3000.00 and will fly the 4,7m Blimp or 2,5m Balloon for up to seven days, after that you will need to top your Giant Balloon up and will use one cylinder over a duration of 5-7 weeks


Read your instructions supplied with your giant Blimp or Advertising Balloon – Before you start filling it with Helium.