Inflatable Specials

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we get asked, if you have any other questions please contact us.

Why should I purchase a Giant Inflatable or advertising balloon?
Giant Inflatable advertising and advertising balloons are not new concepts; they have been around for many decades. The fact that they are still around is proof of their success as an advertising and marketing medium. The Giant size alone is enough to attract attention to your brand or product and increase public awareness .Inflatable advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising sectors.

Is inflatable advertising a good investment?
Yes. If used consistently and correctly, it will pay your investment back many times over! Just think that for the price of a one day newspaper ad you can invest in your own outdoor advertising inflatable or Blimp.

What information do you need to give me an accurate quote?
We need a brief description of the type of balloon or inflatable you want to create, what branding you want and where you will be using the product .If possible please send us a your logo or a drawing /photo to speed things up our side as the visual reference helps us to quote you accurately and quickly.

How must I supply my logo or graphics?
Vectored art works the best for all graphics that have to be made larger for print, since they can be resized without loss of quality. Software programs used for vectored art are Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw ai: eps: pdf: cdr. All graphics must be converted to curves. If you do not have the right format your agency or design company that created your art can assist you.

How long does it take for you to manufacture my inflatable?
We can offer you a standard design within 10 work days or sooner if you have a deadline or event .Custom design production times can only be determined once the shape, size and branding is agreed upon.

What materials do you use on the giant inflatables?
We offer a variety of materials from light easy to carry Urethane coated polyester ,high tech aviation textiles to heavy PVC coated fabrics on request.

How long will my inflatable last?
If looked after correctly your inflatable will last many years. Do not pack your inflatable up wet as it will develop mildew and damage the inflatable permanently. Always dry you’re inflatable before storing.

Do you supply the inflatable with any accessories?
Yes. All our inflatables include blower fans, tie downs, ground pegs, carry bags etc.

What power source do I need to power the fan on the inflatable?
You will need a 220v power outlet or a petrol generator.

What’s the difference between a blimp and an inflatable?
A blimp is filled with helium gas and it flies whereas advertising inflatable is constantly powered by an electric fan to maintain internal pressure, much like a jumping castle, just with lighter and easier to use blower systems.

How difficult is it to set up a Giant blimp or balloon?
It is easy if you follow our set up instructions. You will need a clear open space where there are no obstructions and ensure that the blimp grounded in bad weather using our ground anchoring harness and tie downs or custom docking bays.

How quickly can I get a blimp or Giant balloon?
We have stock of standard sizes, allow about 5 work days for art and design approval.

How high can a blimp fly?
Blimps have to fly lower than 50m as civil aviation airspace starts at 50m

Does weather affect the flying of a balloon?
Yes. Just like an aircraft does not take off in strong winds or in bad weather, neither should you launch your blimp near thunder storms or in very strong or turbulent weather. Even if you only fly your blimp when the weather is good you will get many successful days out of your investment

Do I need permission to fly my blimp or Giant Balloon?
Some towns require fees some don’t. Call your local municipality for info.

Can I fly my blimp or advertising balloon anywhere?
You cannot fly your Blimp or advertising balloon near an airport and especially not on the approach path to the runway. You cannot fly the blimp near power lines or tall and sharp objects.

What gas do I need for blimps or giant balloons?
All giant blimps and flying advertising balloons require Helium gas. Helium is a non-flammable lighter than air gas. When the balloon is filled with Helium, the balloon becomes lighter than air and floats up in the sky.

Where do I get Helium?
Helium gas can be obtained from most gas or welding supply companies. We can point you to the right supplier in your area .Keep one tank of Helium on standby to top up your blimp or Advertising Balloon every two to four days to maintain internal pressure.

How much Helium gas do I need to buy?
Different sizes of Advertising Balloons and Blimps will use different amounts of Helium, Our 4,7m blimp or our 2,5m round advertising balloon will fly with only one 50 litre bottle (1,5kgs of Helium) and still have enough Helium in the bottle for at least 5 days ,thereafter you will require one bottle every 4-5 weeks for top ups. Helium loss is about the same with larger blimps and they will also use one bottle every 4-5 weeks for top ups.

Can I fly the Blimp at Night?
Unless you are at an event and will be monitoring the blimp and weather you can fly it at night .We do not recommend leaving your Blimp or Advertising balloon up unattended at night as the weather is unpredictable.

What material do you use on the Giant balloons and blimps?
We use a specially formulated Polyurethane product (Polyastic) that is designed for holding Helium. The material is far superior to PVC and has incredible elasticity and can withstand expansion caused by temperature.

What guarantee do you give on Blimps and Giant balloons?
We offer a 24 month seam-weld guarantee. All our blimps and balloons are pressure tested to ensure that there are no leaks before leaving our factory.

Can the blimp or giant balloon withstand hitting a sharp object?
No , Look after your blimp and make sure you fly it away from sharp objects such as tall trees, buildings, barbed wire fences, sharp gutters or any object that will puncture the material. Even a Tractor tyre can get a puncture if driven over a sharp object! Read the instructions supplied with the blimp.

Why is a round advertising balloon more stable in the sky?
The ball shape of the balloon increases it’s stability in the sky. The tailfins on a blimp are like the control surfaces of an aircraft, they provide lift and direction and cause the blimp to fly around the sky, but blimps can dive when flying in a thermal (rising hot air). Round balloons don’t have controll surfaces and they have lots of air drag which stabilises them in wind and thermals .You still can not fly them in extreme weather or thermic conditions and obviously thunderstorms so they need to be securly docked in bad weather.

Can I repair small holes in my blimp or advertising balloon?
Yes we supply an on-site patch kit for repairing holes up to 40mm

If you have any other questions contact us and we will assist you.